Finished Personal Portfolio - fishing for feedback

Hi everybody

Here is the codepen for my Personal Portfolio webpage:

I’m not 100% happy with this but I don’t want to fiddle with it anymore! Just need to learn more about layout and try something new. Anyway, any comments would be much appreciated!


I like your photo selections and how the page doesn’t feel too cluttered.

The nav bar links aren’t taking me to the correct part of the page, though. I think if you have a:
< a href="#bookmark1" >About< /a >
link, you need a corresponding
< a id=“bookmark1” >< /a >
at the top of that particular section to link within the page.

Also, the contact me links aren’t working. For example:
< button id=“btn5” type=“button” class=“btn btn-info btn-lg” >< a href="** **" target="_blank" > Github < /a >< /button >
should have your Github link in the bolded area and not a png.

Thanks for the feedback v-lai!

Not sure what you mean about the nav bar. It works ok for me, but I think it needs a bit of jquery to make the transitions smoother and more precise.

I left the contact links dead deliberately for now, as it’s just a practice project.

Looking good. When I look at I don’t know what it is, though. I’d think that the site was for a beach resort hotel. I would raise it a bit and make it more clear what the site is.

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