Portfolio Page - Feedback welcomed

Page is hosted on github pages. Sorry codecamp, I didn’t want to host all the images on a free 3rd party site XD.


Code can be viewed here - https://github.com/codyflynnNC/codyflynnNC.github.io

All feedback is appreciated. This page is in it’s infancy, mostly just want it finished so I can move on to next projects.

Edit: I forgot to upload my social media pages into the header navbar. will be fixed soon

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Having a contact button on the navbar and the landing image seems a bit redundant, but I can see why it might work. Other than that, this is a very professional looking portfolio. I’m always happy with (shades of) black and white palettes being done well. Nice work.

Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking about removing the ‘contact’ link from the navbar, pehaps after codecamp reviews and approves. Yes those colors are my favorite to work with, for me, it gives a more ‘professional look’.

I’d actually keep it in the navbar instead, because then I can access the contact button from anywhere in the site. Then again, it’s not a blog with a large article that it wouldn’t be an issue to scroll down a bit more for contact info.

I guess it’s really up to your design preferences in the end (which are great if this site is an indicator).

Thank you for the kind words! I got the idea by looking through search results of “best portfolio websites” and then trying to mimic successful designs. Helped me alot.

Ah, excellent observation. I will make those changes and while I’m at it I might add some neat jquery tricks. Thanks for the advice.

Finished with your suggestions as well as added a couple nifty jquery animations. What do you think?

Yeah I agree, I struggled with whether or not to go ‘all out’ with animations as they say. I have pondered putting a section called “Examples of my coding expertise” and then including some cool and funky jquery stuff, possibly some video pop up stuff etc just to demonstrate to a potential employer that I know how to do it. Imo this would show people my skills without taking away from the professionalism.

Excellent point. I have removed the animations. Also, well done on the Simon game! Completely forgot about that game… kids these days won’t have any idea. haha

really nice! good job! On the map print you took the cursor with it!

Oops! Lol. It was an interactive google map using googlemap API but it was loading really slowly so i got frustrated and used a screen shot. I’ll fix that, thanks for the heads up!

I am viewing your site in Chrome and I don’t see any animations or smooth scrolling.
Looks professional and I love the colors on the laptop screen with the rest blurred :slight_smile:

I see nice subtle animations on the social icons up top!

Thanks Mat. I recently added those animations and removed the others as pointed out by others, distracted from the purpose of the page.

Definitely looks professional. The only thing i see is when i view this on mobile the LinkedIn link in the menu flows over to a line of its own. Other than that it looks great!

It looks great! Much better than my effort.
One thing, could you make the random quote generator open in a new tab instead of replacing your portfolio page?

Well done!

Thanks! I am going to change all the links to eventually open in a new tab once I get around to working on the page again. Thank you for pointing that out!

Also, thank you BFunk86, I just kinda threw the page together on a desktop screen but yeah it definitely needs some work in the media screen breakpoints. Thank you for pointing that out

I’m a newbie here, but I’m very impressed and I kinda hate your for it. Kidding. I just finished this project myself and I see I’ve got a lot to learn about design.

Only thing I noticed is that at the 900px break point your projects section turns red and then back to normal at the next break point. I imagine you forgot to take that out after some testing.

Great looking portfolio!

Nice work, looks good.