Finished the Front-End Legacy Cert!

Just wanted to drop a note here to say that it is possible if you set your mind to it!

I don’t have much else to say, I haven’t been very active in the forum lately. All I can say is thanks to FCC for all the hard work and effort put into this platform. I have a job because of you all.

I was recently offered full-time work as well (I am currently 30 hrs/wk developer).

Overall this was a great learning experience. I’d have to say the calculator was the coolest project.

Also, this isn’t a goodbye. I will be finishing other challenges and stuff in the new curriculum now!

It took me about nine months to complete if anyone’s interested. Pretty average. There were weeks I didn’t code at all.

My strategy: balance quality with the “ship it out” mentality. Some of my apps are markedly higher quality than others. Some I invested heavily in UI time, others I just cranked out. It’s a similar situation in the work place. Sometimes we take time to really ice the cake, other times things just need to get done. I’m glad I made the final effort to finish off the certification. My current employer said it shows initiative.


Thanks for the report, and congrats on your new job (or going FT!!)