First project - Taylor Swift Tribute Page

Complete my first project! Can I please get feedback on how to make it better and where I can improve??

Thank you a million

Your link is giving a 404 page not found.

That was a bummer, thank you I totally didn’t see😧, I just copied the link again.

You’ve got a beautiful tribute page

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It looks good but coloring can be improved. I also suggest you to change the font to a lighter one.

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I was trying to change and practice on your web page. I should say that colors are picked very well, everything is pleasant to the eye. But some text is not readable so the contract can be improved. Also, there are some unnecessary styling and
tags. Furthermore, the formatting of the code could be better (you can use HTML and CSS code formatting websites). You can also add some bootstrap and make the page more responsive. In general, the page satisfies the FCC requirements.

I would highly advice to use github instead of codepen, even though FCC projects are usually shown on codepen.

I made some minor changes:

Moved many things to the middle

The styling of the quote is changed

Some unnecessary code is deleted

styling of Wiki Taylor button is changed(no more underline)

However, I still do have many mistakes which you can analyze and tell me.

Hope it helped!

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Maybe use amazon when having a place for your pictures it’s okay now but the link isso long XD otherwise well done for a 1st time.

For the font color would a #ccc look better or making it another lighter shade of grey?

Thank you so much for the feedback

@diana123 iana123 For the font color would a #ccc look better or making it another lighter shade of grey?

@Geek-Killer Wow…that was the most detailed review I have ever received! Thank you!! Okay, I never knew there were HTML and CSS code formatting websites will check them out. I will get a GitHub account and use it for future projects.

I checked out the changes, thanks again I will work on better formatting.
My coding knowledge is so minimal it gets frustrating because I can’t see the many mistakes but I will sit with it and analyze, I assume picking stuff out takes time and practice which I’m prepared to do.

You did more than help! Even though I’m far from getting everything perfect I know I’m learning to be better.

@KittyKora I almost fainted seeing how long it was, aside from amazon is there another way to have my picture links less long without changing the site?

Thank you every for the feedback, I never thought I will receive such meaningful feedback!

@NommiVibes it was a great design thumbs up for the design but if you could make your background and font size animations on list items smoother it would be awesome.