Flask to Django - One page App HELP please and thank you

Hello, and thank you advance as this group has helped me in my learning journey. I have a simple functioning deployed Django portfolio page( I am new to this). I recently tried to add the last of my apps to this portfolio page(for now, at least). The app is a simple one-page stock price data visual. I am following a tutorial, and the info is for a Flask project, and I would like to get this working within Django. So far, here is what I have done. I created the app within my project. I have added it to the list of installed apps. I created some dummy code in the app’s views and a template HTML page(to make sure my routes were working.) I was able to get the “placeholder” pages working. But when I run the app locally with the logic, I get an odd traceback. also when I ran the original project solo as a flask app, I was able to get it running locally.