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He guys!

I was wondering, isn’t the freeCodeCamp course going too fast with material?
I thought I will learn some HTML, CSS and JS but here the Bootstrap and JQuery is even before Java Script? I am just curious is that ok?


Hi Dusza,

I’m a fellow camper, not a course designer so I can only give you my personal thoughts. So HTML and CSS are all about formatting a pages appearance. Bootstrap is just a simple framework to help you do less HTML and CSS. JQuery is how you manipulate HTML and CSS. While Pure Javascript could be considered a functional programming language, it manipulates numbers and strings well but does not natively manipulate HTML or CSS so you need a combination of JQuery and Javascript to do functional programming and manipulating HTML elements simultaneously.

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Sure. Why not? DOM manipulation and CSS positioning are both very difficult topics to teach, so it makes sense to use libraries that take care of both while campers are learning the fundamentals of programming.

The whole course is self-paced, so if you feel that you’re going too fast, then just slow down. Review the material a few times.

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Jquery is like the gateway marijuana drug to bigger and better things. One they’re hooked to jquery, you can introduce more hardcore stuff.


This is a common question in education in general: “Should you teach power tools first to get everyone interested, or more basic, less powerful tools and work up to the power tools?”

There is no right answer here. It all comes back to how much patience you expect from the learner.

Our current curriculum teaches the power tools, and our beta curriculum (future curriculum) instead focuses on the fundamentals.

From what we’ve heard from employers, most of them are increasingly interested in fundamentals, since those change much less rapidly than the tools.

This said, it’s worth noting that everything we teach at freeCodeCamp is established. We’re not teaching bleeding edge tools - we’re teaching reasonable tools that have been widely adopted by employers.

Learning Bootstrap, jQuery, and other tools won’t hurt you. It’s just that you should also devote a lot of time to learning basic CSS and JavaScript, and our beta curriculum reflects that.

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