FreeCodeCamp lost all of my progress within a Certification

Hey there, friends! Has anyone ever had an issue with FreeCodeCamp losing all of your progress within a Certification, and saying that you haven’t done any work within a Certification, when in fact you have? I’m currently working my way through the Back End Development Certification. I logged out of my account on FreeCodeCamp, and after logging back in, I’ve lost all of my progress within the Map, and it’s saying that I haven’t completed any of the Back End Development Certification work, however, as of yesterday, I had completed all the way up to the “Request Header Parser Microservice” section of the API Projects.

Has anybody had this happen before?


Try logging in from an incognito window.

Have you ever logged in using another method (email, GitHub, etc.)? Try logging in that way now.

If you search the Forum for “progress lost” or the like, you’ll see others have experienced this issue.

Contact if still an issue.

Thanks for the suggestion, @icartusacrimea! I’ve only ever logged in via my email. I just tried logging in via an incognito window with my GitHub username and email, and the progress still isn’t showing. I emailed earlier today, however, I haven’t received a response yet. I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks again!

I’m going through the same issue now. I’ve emailed the support address twice now. The first response was asking me to confirm that I wanted them to wipe my data. Definitely do not want that. I sent another email and the response was to try logging in. Responded saying that is not working, and I have not received a response since. Hoping it isn’t permanent.