Front-end certified a space for you

A Facebook Group has been created for the camper Certified FCC:


I am not on facebook (in yo face Mark Zuckemblerp), but if I do ever use it I will join the group. Also, I thought Facebook groups existed for certain FCC community groups?

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for almost each city.

The idea of a group for the camper Certified FCC is great, but perhaps we can move it into a more ‘internet friendly’ medium?

what do you mean?

I don’t like FB too, but it’s popular.

I mean not Facebook. Its a walled garden. I have another post of the forums already about this. My point is that I don’t have a facebook account. Currently this group is set to (I assume) private only, so I would need to create an account just to see if its worth it to be apart of this group. I agree FB is popular, but there has to be a better way.

edit: If I keep this up I’m going to get a reputation for being the anti-facebook guy on the forums :frowning:


Anti Facebook it’s fine, if you have another solution to have a group, share it please.

I’m working on trying to find something that uses a unique account but also ties into github/facebook/whathaveyou for auth. Once I have a better solution I’ll post it around.

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I’ve joked that this might end up being a new project… cause that is just what we need, a new project.

we have 15 camper certified :slight_smile:

I’m not certified (yet) but I think you should add a description of the group, what is it for? What are the goals?

nope, I think it’s just fine like this,
You have to be certified to be accepted.
One rule for everyone.
Thank you

You didn’t understand, did you?

We don’t need description for now, the goals obviously it’s to improve, share some code, informations, and meet other people with the same goal.
But later yes, is not clear for me too.
I mean I have to see what people like to share and what they want, I will do a bilan, then add a description.
Do you have an idea?
Thanks for you’re notice

We have already a description:

A link to your FCC Front-End Certificate is required to join the group. This group is for the advanced FCC camper who has completed the front-end section.

We will discuss frameworks and libraries beyond the basic HTML, CSS, and Basic Javascript.

You can find a pair to coding

In what place exactly am I supposed to post a link to my front-end certificate required for group membership?

join the group, then you post your link.
We have a document with the certificates

edit: you have 24h before we remove your account.

Just a question, does this mean that FCC forums would lose all the Front-End certified campers? Coz…we kind of need them. :no_mouth:

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:blush:i bookmarked the page for future use. Currently on Javascript portion of FCC

This thread reminds me of first three grads of elementary school, when we weren’t allowed to enter The Second Floor, because that was the floor for The Big Kids :confused: