Suggestion - Free Code Club

As someone who would love to code with others but can’t get anyone in his social circle to start FCC, I would like to suggest some sort of club/group in which you can achieve goals with others.
It would be like having a gym body and could help to stay motivated. You could set goals for yourself, publish them and the group members could help to motivate you.
These clubs could also be used to work together on projects.

I got that idea from Duolingos new club feature.
What do you guys think?

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This is a great idea, and many campers have already broken off into smaller groups as you have described (including myself).

@tropicalchancer’s Chingu cohorts are the biggest:

@xavierartot has set up another group effort for those that have finished their front end cert:

And I’m sure if you search the forum for ‘study group’ or similar terms you’ll find more.

We are a rapidly growing community, so if you started your own, you’d no doubt find others to join in easily :slight_smile:


Ah thanks a lot, mate. I didn’t know about these groups :slight_smile:

Well I know a few other programmers but non of them is interested in web developing, but they help sometimes and we discuss a lot. But it would still be nice to find people who use FCC as well. Unfortunately I live in small town in a rural area which makes it hard to find other people to join me.

But these groups are awesome!

Hi @JanEgbers,

Feel free to shoot me an email at if you’d like to join :slight_smile:

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Alright, done!
It really sounds exciting

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