Front-end checklist: best practices for production

This Front End Checklist on GitHub looks like a valuable resource for anybody who has learned enough to create their own front-end project. It lists all the best practices for putting a website or page into production, in particular which elements are crucial to include and what testing tools to use.

Items are clearly marked as being of high, medium or low importance. There’s a lot there: what to put in the head section, best practices and testing tips for HTML, CSS and Javascript, as well as best practices for images, web fonts, performance, security, accessibility and SEO.

You can also find the list on but I find it less easy to read than the readme file on GitHub.


Hi @sfiquet! Thanks for sharing the Front-End Checklist, I’m really happy you find it useful! Regarding the checklist, I’m already developing an open source Web App to able people to use it easily.

Don’t hesitate to do a PR if you find anything interesting that can be valuable for others! :wink: