Front End Live Coding on Youtube

UPDATE: I am going to be livestreaming from the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel at least once a week, probably more. Usually at 2pm EST.

I have just started to do half hour live coding sessions a few times a week on Youtube. I am a Front End Developer and want to show what my day to day job is like. I decided to live stream it so that people can even see all of my mistakes. I hope it will help those who are new to coding.

I am very new to live streaming and making youtube videos so any feedback is very much appreciated.

You can view my channel here:

My next livestream is today at 2pm EST:


Maybe make the editor font size +1px bigger? Too much strain to read even at 1080p.

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This is a great idea. I’m really new (just now at the Tribute Page challenge) and this is definitely something I’m interested in. If nothing comes up to take me away from my desk I’ll be tuning in. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback! I was worried about the font being too small. I will make it bigger for my next livestream.


Thanks @see-line! I hope you get to watch and that it is helpful for you. If you miss the live stream, the recording will also be available.

@JesseRWeigel - I was a couple of minutes late tuning in, but I did get to watch. I really enjoyed it, and it wasn’t all greek to me! You did a great job of explaining everything you were doing. It’s the first time I’ve seen console.log and I’m putting it on my list of handy tricks to remember!

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@see-line Thanks again for watching. Your feedback was great. The video wouldn’t have been very good without it.

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This is great! Subscribed to your channel due to the time difference i wont be able to watch it live but will sure watch the videos!

Thank you!

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Should be helpful. New Subscriber here. Thanks

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Thanks for subscribing @LydiaVuj! What time is 2pm EST in your time zone? Maybe I can do an extra live stream at a different time occasionally.

9 pm in Israel :slight_smile:

I could occasionally do a livestream at 4 or 5pm your time in addition to the current time. Would you be able to watch then? I think it would be great to accommodate viewers in as many time zones as I can.

These are great videos!

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I just saw your answer…didnt get notified of it :frowning:
i managed with 9pm when i can l live when not i watch the videos :slight_smile:

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Good content for React users, but your fully black background is breaking (guess not only) my eyes.

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Thanks! Do you mean the background on my code editor? What should I change it to?

@JesseRWeigel I recommend to use something like the One Dark colors, looks much more eyes-friendly:

Thanks for the suggestion. My Atom theme background color is nearly the same at the One Dark theme, but my terminal background was completely black. I just changed it to be more gray. Hopefully it will be a bit easier to look at.