Getting back on the horse after a 2 year hiatus

Hi There,

Looking for tips on getting back in to coding after a long break (I did a coding bootcamp in 2020 and landed a low level dev job but it wasn’t a good fit and I had to return to my previous career). I have started the freecodecamp curriculum as a refresher. I really struggled with algorithms and data structures as well as coding exercises so I am going to start there after a javascript refresh and focus on a solid foundation with that. Anybody have any tips for getting back in to coding as well as the job market? Sometimes I feel like there is just too much to do / can do that it feels overwhelming. Thanks in advance.

I can’t speak for getting back into the job market (as I’ve never had a coding job), but as far as getting back into coding: start small. With your prior experience, things should hopefully come flooding back to you and you’ll be able to take on the tougher challenges. Make some small apps that have basic functionality, then add to them in complexity. Maybe start with a simple password verifier that checks if a password meets 1 condition, then add more conditions. Continue adding until you have something that’s able to do multiple things with said password.


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