Getting involved in the tech community

Hey there!
Still on the path to making myself into a frontend dev :slight_smile:

I’ve been learning and practicing for a while now, and I was aiming to start some projects of my own. However, I’ve encoutered with this idea that getting involved in the dev community in different manners is crucial for anyone trying to break into the techie world. I’ve read some posts and articles that recommend getting out there on twitter, meetups, stack overflow,, codenewbie, reddit and discord groups, etc. and I find it just too much. Like how is anyone supposed to keep up with that much social media and stuff.

My question is, is it worth it trying to get that involved? And if so, could anyone give some advice on how to get started let’s say with twitter? Or would you say it is more of a distraction and it would be better to just focus on learning and honing skills?

Total guess, but for me, one or two social media accounts that are active are enough. I count GitHub as a “social media”. So long as you are using it consistently, that is enough if anyone is trying to figure you out (which I assume would happen after your resume has been put into a pile of possible candidates to interview, and may not even happen until after an interview if at all, just to help the person hiring to make a decision if the interview was not enough).


This (freeCodeCamp) is a very active developer community. Ask questions. Answer questions. Have conversations about programming. You’ll gain fluency in industry jargon and communication styles. You’ll get used to understanding help and advice from diverse people. You’ll learn how to help and mentor diverse people. You’ll learn from the experience of others as well as your own projects. The way to join a community is to participate in it.


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