Getting nowhere

Im doing the excercises but there is no real practice sessions, so nothing sticks, this seems like its getting me nowhere. Is there any real benefit in these sessions?


Hey there buddy!

What do you mean by practice? You can’t practice what you don’t know, the exercises are there to show you how to do the things, the projects are there to help you apply what you learnt in the course. On that note I also want to encourage you to take notes on the courses, that way you can always look back and grab the knowledge when you need it, if you haven’t done so I encourage you to go back and take the notes.

I also encourage you to do research and find more resources to help you “practice” but exercises, drills, and training are no match for real-world learning. The projects teach you more than the whole course combined and once you build your first webpage, logic script, small art, or whatever else you want to build you’ll see what I mean.

It doesn’t make sense at first but once you see how others make things, ask questions, and review your study material it all comes together when you make something with your knowledge. It only feels like going nowhere when you don’t have a map, or a destination.

If you have anymore questions about anything, I would be happy to answer them (I try as fast as I can but I’m only active from 8:30AM- 9:50PM)

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

Best, Cy499_Studios


You’re right. You’re not going to learn enough by only doing fCC and nothing else.

The projects really do help a lot. It’s hard to slog through all the exercises before you reach them, though.

Here’s what I’ve done to get more practice.

  • Make your own projects.

  • Try to help other people on the forum.

  • Review previous exercises

  • Find other resources to supplement fCC. MDN has good tutorials. You might also try Scrimba.

Hope this helps.

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