Getting stuck on using the .toUpperCase() can anyone tell me what I'm doing with my code so far

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you can check out why my code shows up on an error in my console whenever I try to make my answerOne all in upper caps.

The idea of the project was to ask five questions and give the test taker a ranking based on the number of items they correctly guess.

let correct = 0;

let rank = '';

 const main= document.querySelector('main').innerHTML;

const answerOne= prompt("Who is Nicos favorite pet?");
if ( answerOne.toUpperCase() = 'NICO'){
  correct + 1;

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what error are you getting?

Thank you very much ilenia!

Thank you very much RandellDawson. I have just been trying to go along the project line per line, but I just seem to have been stuck in this area.

Ah yes, i believe I certain failed to put the === operator.

= is equal to
== is loosely equal to
=== is strictly equal to

Uncaught ReferenceError: cannot assign to function call

This is because you had the = confused with the ===.

Thank you very much, you were completely right! Man, Learning Javascript is very challenging but it’s amazing. I finished the legacy responsive web design program but now tackling javascript. Thank you for your input RandellDawson.

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