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hey can you elaborate on this a bit? I don’t quite understand what this is that im looking at when I visit the link. There are GitHub challenges?

Some people get really obsessed with this graph
which shows how often they push to GitHub. Personally, I do all of my work on GitHub, so I try to prevent green squares on the weekends and ignore any grey squares during the week because I was probably doing something else important rather than using Git.


Ohhh wow I see :thinking:

So by this you mean saving everything you do on GitHub?

I get paid to write open source software on GitHub, so yea, everything I write is saved on GitHub.


Oh ok that makes sense. Interesting.

Thanks for the help :+1: Its all making sense now.


I am glad that git and github are making more sense now :grinning:

I am also going to link my old post on branches.
You don’t have to worry about branches now.

But later on when you start learning about them, this post might help explain the benefits of using them.

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Thanks a bunch! Yeah, Im still fuzzy on branches and even pulls. Although Im thinking pulls will be much easier to understand.

Thanks for sharing this. I’ll look through it.

Well, pulls come from merging branches. Basically, it means “pull the history from this branch into this second branch”.

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Ohh I was under the impression that it was something totally different :sweat_smile: glad I brought it up, thanks.

I used Git Extensions a lot when I first started using Git about five years ago. It’s good because it uses all the proper Git terms but you can see what commands it is using so it also helps you learn the command line. I’m command line only 99% of the time now. Only have to go GUI very occasionally if I’m doing something weird.

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Now that I finally got the command line working for me, Ive been using that exclusively. I didn’t know about Git Extensions! Thats pretty cool that it shows you the commands, that’s something that I really wish the source control feature in VS Code would offer because its super convenient to use but I feel like im not learning anything by using it. :face_with_monocle:

In fact, the source control feature in VS Code confuses me a bit sometimes. I may have to search some videos on how to use it :thinking:

man, the graph will not update when pushing commits up? Thats disappointing :roll_eyes:

The graph should update whenever you push to GitHub.

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Yeah I don’t know why, but that has not been the case for me. You can see from the first screenshot I just updated by push about 36 mins ago but in the second screenshot of the graph, it says I have no activity for today.

Depending upon your settings, not all contributions will show up on the graph if you are pushing to private repositories.

And, again, I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Personally, I think people get too attached to the pretty green squares and ascribe too much personal worth to their ability to make green boxes on a chart.

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They are public repos.

That makes sense. it is kinda cool tho :man_shrugging:

the squares are when you made commits probably, click on a square to see what it rapresent

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No the squares are just days. They populate automatically once the day is over and a new day starts whether you interact with GH or not.

So an empty square with no green shows no activity.

I’m not sure if this is obsession or art:

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if you click on it it shows what is being registered as activity for the squares


there is no push activity for what I see

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