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Now that I finally got the command line working for me, Ive been using that exclusively. I didn’t know about Git Extensions! Thats pretty cool that it shows you the commands, that’s something that I really wish the source control feature in VS Code would offer because its super convenient to use but I feel like im not learning anything by using it. :face_with_monocle:

In fact, the source control feature in VS Code confuses me a bit sometimes. I may have to search some videos on how to use it :thinking:

man, the graph will not update when pushing commits up? Thats disappointing :roll_eyes:

The graph should update whenever you push to GitHub.

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Yeah I don’t know why, but that has not been the case for me. You can see from the first screenshot I just updated by push about 36 mins ago but in the second screenshot of the graph, it says I have no activity for today.

Depending upon your settings, not all contributions will show up on the graph if you are pushing to private repositories.

And, again, I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Personally, I think people get too attached to the pretty green squares and ascribe too much personal worth to their ability to make green boxes on a chart.

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They are public repos.

That makes sense. it is kinda cool tho :man_shrugging:

the squares are when you made commits probably, click on a square to see what it rapresent

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No the squares are just days. They populate automatically once the day is over and a new day starts whether you interact with GH or not.

So an empty square with no green shows no activity.

I’m not sure if this is obsession or art:

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if you click on it it shows what is being registered as activity for the squares


there is no push activity for what I see

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Yeah but I don’t understand because Its not showing but I just made a push, that’s the problem im facing.

Its not showing push activity, but inside my actual repository, It shows that I pushed information 32 minutes ago. :thinking:

Pure art. :100: And dedication to the cause.

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is that yours? how is this possible if its not showing my pushes? I can’t possibly make a new repo everyday.

Nice btw :sunglasses:

in mine there are commits, issues and PRs

It might just be that it takes time to update between the two locations.

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for some reason im thinking it may have something to do with the registered emails being different. I don’t see why they would be different but I remember VS Code asking me if I wanted to “claim the email” or something to that effect. I tried, but at the time I couldn’t remember my GH login so I couldn’t do it. It hasn’t asked me to claim the email since.

Ive tried doing

git config

to find the email its using but no luck. I can’t find the email to add it. Im not sure why it was using a separate mail in the first place.

Hell no, just an image that turns up if you search for “github squares”. I saw others that spelled “HIRE ME”. I suppose it’s from an account that uses a script to auto-commit x times on day y. If it was a script, I agree @JeremyLT that it’s art, otherwise obsession, creating that image took 11 months. Or 20 minutes if it’s photoshopped, in which case it’s neither art nor obsession.


ok I fixed it. Yeah for some reason it was registering my commits under this weird local host address… but once I figured how to add that to my list of emails it works fine.

Up and running smoothly. Thanks for your help guys, I SUPER appreciate it :+1:

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