GitHub Pull Requests [Solved]

I’m on the second-to-last problem in the git-it tutorial and the guide says to make a pull request. I go to my forked repository and go to Pull Requests, as the tutorials tells me to, and then I click New Pull Request. When I do that, it takes me to a page where it compares changes with the original repository, which doesn’t match what the tutorial says I should be on. I don’t see any way to create or submit pull request. I don’t know what’s going on here or what I’m doing wrong.

Okay, I was actually having issues with that. When I created my “add-.txt” file and then put “git add add-.txt”, I got “fatal: pathspec ‘add-.txt’ did not match any files”, even though I had typed it correctly. So it won’t let me commit my changes and push it to GitHub.

Sorry, my post didn’t show up correctly. I did make it as add-darthm3gatron.txt and then put in git add add-darthm3gatron.txt and I got the error “fatal: pathspec add-darthm3gatron.txt did not match any files”.

Thank you! That was what was messing me up. I’ve gotten though the problem. Thanks for your help!

Hi. I’m having a very similar problem. I’ve added the txt file to the contributors folder, but I’m getting the “There isn’t anything to compare.” screen. It doesn’t look like the file exists in the contributors folder on the remote branch. Not sure why that should be as I’ve followed all the steps in the guide.