Going to my first Full Stack Tech Interview! Does anyone know any resources to prepare?

Hi guys! I’ve recently got a call from a recruiter and going to have my first Full Stack interview. Could you suggest any solid resources where I could find Full Stack interview questions and answers? I tried to google it but it either spammy sites with a lot of ads and crappy questions or just articles (gosh I’ll spend all my weekend just to consolidating all that articles in my notes…). I’m not a native speaker and I’m really scared about the interview! Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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You might be able to find some questions and answers on Glassdoor.com.

Also try here:

Front End Developer Interview Questions

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Thanks Ducky! You’re so resourceful! I would never have found that link on my own! :slight_smile:


Hey there. I’m tridialectal and understand what you’re going through. My cantonese and mandarin sucks and I went through a lot of growing pains feeling like I’m never good enough. Therefore, the first thing I’m going to say as I say to all my international friends is that you speak a language more than a lot of others do. Most of us therefore will NOT judge you nearly as harshly as you judge yourself. And if they do, then tough cookies to them!

Second, even if you are a native English speaker, less is always more. Think through what you want to say, don’t worry about being judged and try to use basic concepts and words, but then demonstrate concepts through writing code.

Remember a foot through the door is pretty awesome and I’m really happy for you! Good luck! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Thank you…
I think someone on one of my Slack groups posted that link. As a matter of fact I actually found it a whie ago now that I think of it-- looking through some other github accounts (people I follow).