Google One Tap Sign In on the client (vue / react / vanilla js)

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This is a very general question - and I can expand if need be - but has anyone here implemented a client-sde Google One Tap auth method? Either with Vue, React or Vanilla JS? I’ve been following along this Medium post, but get 403 errors in the console (and yes, I have added localhost in the google authorized domains). But I am not sure if it is even possible on the front end, and wondering if a server is required?

I’ve been playing around with this node demo ( but would like to just do it in a plain HTML page with some JS, or with vue or react.

I’m not sure if this is possible? Has anyone got a working example of this just on the front end?

Thanks in advance!

I have gotten a “tail-less” (if a server without a browser is “headless”, then a client-side app with no backend…) auth system working, where it’s a client-side system un-backed by a full back end (no node, php or perl on my part). But I cheated – I did it using the Firebase auth package. It will let me do a number of oAuth providers, or an email login, without having to create a backend to handle it.

Don’t know if it helps, but if you’re looking for an easy-to-implement solid solution, its the one that worked for me, right out of the box.

Cool, that sounds interesting, @snowmonkey are you able to share the code?

I’ll see if I can find it, I’ll dm it to you. But start with the firebase docs (, the auth documentation is really really easy to follow. iirc, I was trying to wrap my head around integrating firebase into a redux store, and trying to learn redux and react at the same time.

Also, a great resource on this (and free at this point), Robin Weiruch’s newer book, The Road to React with Firebase. I think that was the tutorial I’d used to get it working, actually.

Just found this in my email:

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Thanks @snowmonkey :smiley: