Got my first certification

pretty pump actually got my first cert still fills like I don’t know much, but ill keep going. im defiantly proud of myself its been 2months solid work, and ill continue the work. now ill start other projects outside fcc. to test my skills I have so far in html, css thanks for the help from everyone in the community anytime I got stuck which was a lot LOL


Congats Marvin, keep going that the spirit!

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Nice! It took me about 4 months to grab the certification, cool that you were able to do it in 2. One tip: Brace yourself for JS, just brace yourself, been at it for a month & 1/2. Do not underestimate the challenge that JS brings, just keep working at it, you’ll do great as long as you try.

Keep on coding!

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Thanks I really appreciate that I was on it everyday for two hours. I actually thought I went through it a little two fast, so I’m continue studying with my headfirst html css book. While I’m doing the JavaScript section in free code camp. I definitely don’t think I’ll blow through the JS like that hahaha, so I’ll definitely take my time to understand the concept there teaching

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well done! :wink: :wink: :+1: