I just earned my first certification


Good work, keep it up. Use this momentum.


Thank you brother i appreciate


Great job Larry! Your hardwork won’t go in vain :rocket:

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@Sumax Thank you so much we keep pushing hard, up next, JS

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I’m almost done with the Basic JS module, but I’ve got about 4 modules to go to get my shiny new Cert :dizzy::sparkles:

Keep up work my friend, i can’t wait to start JS in the next couple of days…

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Congratulations! Well done.

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I remember your posts about your cert projects. Nicely done, keep up the good work.

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We keep pushing thank you so much my friend…Thanks for all you do, you’re one for the future!!!

@larrycode1 Congratulations! Well done!

Thanks my friend I appreciate

Hey Larry, great job!! I’m about to finish in the React Libraries section. JavaScript will be the most important section for starting as a new developer.

Just my suggestion having finished this one last month:

It’s tempting in the JavaScript section to use get hints and answer key…but do your absolute best to not use the answer key or get hints (Instead, refer to your own notes and look at previous problem instructions).

This next section on your roadmap is meant to be hard and very challenging, if this is your first language you’re learning as goes with anyone reading this.

Instead, really sit and think what your code is doing. Stay in the habit of console logging everything while you build, can save you hours!!

A lot of times the answer is right in the instructions of the algorithmic problem. This will flex your problem solving skills. MDN, W3Schools, and this forum are good resources to help understand concepts.

Also, I wish I did this part: Make flash cards to help you practice your technical communication, and for concepts you keep forgetting. Often, people forget to study on their technical communication. It will be crucial since we work with other developers and have to be able to communicate effectively in the field.

Some areas of study that will save you a ton of time if you understand these concepts: The Call Stack, Global Execution Context, Global memory, vs. Local Execution Context and Local Memory, Conditional statements, Defining Functions. Etc. feel free to add on!!

I hope this is helpful to your journey and those who read this. :nerd_face::blush::raised_hands: go team you got this!!

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On point for what you said. Even though I’m learning JavaScript on The Odin Project, I still think learning JavaScript in fCC could be beneficial for others… especially once that course is updated in the coming months. Sure as excited to see it.

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@stay1st Thank you for bringing my notice to all of that, that means so much to me & yeah i know about w3school & mdn but i use w3school pretty much right from the scratch…I think JS will be a little bit tasking but I’m ready for it and I’ll keep note to everything you said…Once again Thank you happy coding!!!

@NyeverGator I know about the odin project, i gotta ask i’m contemplating on what site to learn JS…Should i learn it from fcc or the odin project because i love both sites…?

@larrycode1 This is what you would expect after you’ve finished the Foundations course and had taken the Full Stack JavaScript route (the image above is part of the path’s JavaScript course).

As you learn concepts along the way, you will be building projects at certain points… using what you have learned previously.

And I will say, building projects might be the best way for you to take in those concepts and use them as supplements for building even larger projects. Because of that, I understood how to use JavaScript… and as you can see from the image, I am still learning to do so.

Both freeCodeCamp and TheOdinProject offer paths that guide you towards becoming a Full Stack Developer and… whatever path you take, I think this quote summarizes it for you. Hope this helped.

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