Got my first developer job

Hi! God, I’ve been waiting to post something in this section since I’ve joined FCC and here I am!
I joined this community a year ago, but really started working on FCC challenges around October 2016, and when beta of the new curriculum went live I’ve switched to it, so I didn’t even get any of the certificates yet even though I finished all of the beta challenges.

I also built a simple portfolio website ( and that was pretty much it when I started looking for a job - no degree, no real life projects, nothing. Basically, I just wanted to start job hunting as soon as possible to give myself time to look around, fail a few coding interviews, read “Cracking a coding interview”, polish my resume, maybe find a freelance gig… And after the first coding interview in my life I got the job!

Now, I have to tell you it was pretty much dumb luck - they needed a junior dev ASAP, they found my resume, I agreed to a pretty modest salary. If I didn’t run into them, I could very well spend several months looking for a job, because a lot of junior positions require 1+ years of experience. I also thought I did really poorly in the interview, cause I was so nervous I couldn’t explain what closure is. I swear, I memorised the definition of closure by heart, and still I was sitting there, staring at the wall blankly like a possessed girl from a horror film for about 15 minutes! And they still offered me the job!

The question that got me so stunned sounded like this: "What’s wrong with this code and how to make it work?

      for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++)
         setTimeout(function() {console.log(i);}, i * 1000);

The answer was to wrap it into an IFFE: (setTimeout <...>)(i), so the function would be called with i = 0, i = 1, etc, instead of i = 5, i = 5, etc, because, well, CLOSURE.

Other questions were about prototypal inheritance (almost failed this one), finding the biggest 5-digit number in a string like ‘123456789’, some basic JS, HTML and CSS and they also asked me about ES6 and if I use promises or callbacks for asynchronous request)

So, there is no great takeaway from my experience and no useful advice I can give new campers apart from that: getting a coding a job it really, totally doable and making mistakes or not knowing something is okay.

I tried to code every day since I’ve started FCC, but some days I could only code for 1 or 2 hours, and some days I had to skip, and I’ve been lazy, and I’ve asked for help, and I never finished reading some books on programming (“Eloquent Javascript” got the best of me, but “You Don’t Know Javascript” series was really helpful, and so were all the books from the guide by @P1xt), and I’ve still got the job (which is not the end of the journey, of course, but it’s an important point).

The reason I am writing this is, first of all, to brag (obviously), but also - reading topics in this section really helped me to believe I can actually do this and keep studying, so I wanted to share my experience with the community too. FCC community is the best, and I really want to thank @QuincyLarson for making it all possible and all of you guys and gals for being there.

(I’m starting on Monday and I’m really nervous, so wish me luck!)

Update: it’s been a week since I started, and so far it’s going perfect! I was really overwhelmed at first, because working on a part of a huge project (my company builds a learning platform for kids) is very different from building a web page or an applet on Codepen on your own; also
my company uses a framework of their own design, which is powerful, but really hard to learn, and we write in CoffeeScript instead of plain JS, so I’m still adjusting to that. Also I wasn’t really comfortable with Git, but I am now, after almost losing 8-hours worth of code :joy: Don’t be like me, learn Git.
But all in all, I wasn’t sure coding was something I can actually do for a living till I started working, but now I’m very happy! Thank you all for wishing me luck, and do find me on linkedin or github if you wanna ask something or just chat!


Brag away! You earned it! lol Thank so much for sharing this!!!

I laughed so hard at this because I can so see myself doing this very same thing :joy: Its such a huge fear too, to choke and end up looking like you don’t know anything…but very encouraging to hear it didnt bury your chances. Im sure that through your portfolio (which is great…I love all the projects you have in there) and how you answered everything else , they decided you knew your stuff and wanted to give you a chance…

By the way, were you able to get a remote position, or did you end up getting a local position?

Im so happy for you…and yes good luck! Please update after you’ve been working there for a bit to share what its like to be a legit professional :smiley:



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It sounds like when opportunity came along, you were well-prepared to seize it!

I’m thrilled to hear you were able to work through the beta curriculum. Did you do all the test-driven beta projects as well? If you have any notes or feedback on them, we’d welcome it. We are super pumped about the beta curriculum, and want fix as many low-hanging fruit issues as we can before shipping it.



Best wishes with the job, and your new career.

@Tracychen89 @owel @burntfruit Thank you all so much!

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Thank you so much! I’ll be happy to post an update, because I’ll probably have a lot to share, this is all absolutely new for me!
I got a local position, but I hope to switch to remote one day! I did find a couple of remote opportunities for juniors on, but only a couple and I haven’t heard back from any of them.
Thank again and best of luck to you too!:wink:


Thank you!
Yes, I’ve done all of the testable projects and only ran into a few issues - one of them was actually my fault, and the was with this: URL Shortener project with testable user stories - Guinea Pigs needed 🐹
But other than that it was an awesome experience, tests were really helpful and I’ve had a lot of fun! I also hope to come back and participate in non-profit projects one day to earn my Full-Stack Developer Certificate :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohh thanks for reminding me about… I meant to look into it before but hadnt. I straightway went to set up my account just now :slight_smile: I appreciate the well wishes…I need it too! :laughing:

Oh GOOD JOB! I so excited for you and I hope you love your work there! Thanks for sharing and best of luck with the rest of you journey! :smiley:

Congratulations on your new job!!! So happy when I hear success stories from everyone. Makes me study more. Wish you all the best. Love you portfolio!!

Thank you so much! Just read your own success story on the forum, and wow, I have to say I admire you! and wish you best of luck too :blush:

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Thank you! I hope to read your success story here too one day :wink:

Congratulations @Enikol on your new job!


Also exchanging var with let should work :wink:



Best wishes with the job, and your new career.

Well done!!! Congrats!!!

Congratulations! Exciting times ahead! Thank you for sharing your interview experience. It has been very useful. I am working my way through the FreeCodeCamp challenges still , slowly getting towards my first cerficate, but have been looking ahead and wondering what a developer interview might be like🙂 All the very best in your new developers career.

That code runs correctly for me as originally written. Am I missing something?

And congrats btw :slight_smile: