Got My first interview tomorrow, any feedback for my portfolio

Hello everyone,
I’ve got my first interview for a frontend developers job tomorrow. :grimacing:
I had an old portfolio which I hadn’t kept up to date. I started this one then got side tracked with some other projects.(I wasn’t applying for jobs so I didn’t finish it)
Anyway I just added most the content today and would really appreciate some feedback! :slight_smile:


Thanks Everyone

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I mostly like it.

I would say that on your projects, the text “I MADE THIS SITE TO CONVICE A PHOTOGRAPHER TO LET ME MAKE HIS WEBSITE FOR HIM. IT WORKED, HE’S MY FIRST PAYING CLIENT.” is almost unreadable because to the color choice. In fact, now that I can read it clearly, I notice the spelling mistake.

You definitely want to go through with a fine tooth comb and weed out any spelling/grammar mistakes. It’s very easy to miss those things (I certainly do.) Cut and paste the text into a good word processor or a grammar web site. And also read aloud, line by line, slowly. (I’m also not a big fan off all caps in anything but titles - it’s harder to read.)

And rather than the “SHOWS that I can create content for a specific purpose. The clients current site wasen’t responsive, making this site using flexbox and grid delivers the objective.” I’d rather you just talk about all the techs you used, what problems you faced, what you learned, etc. Pretty much every web site is “content for a specific purpose.” Even a generic template is specific to the purpose of being a generic template. And “delivers the objective” is just meaningless filler language. I might want something like: “TECHS: JavaScript, flexbox, CSS grid, Google Fonts API CHALLENGES: The client was unhappy with the lack of responsiveness of their old site - they were pleased with the results I accomplished with flexbox and CSS grid.”

And more spelling mistakes here: “wasen’t” and “clients” should be “client’s”.

Seriously, that will be a big turn off for many hiring managers.


More spelling/grammar:



“SHOWS how I created a color scheme and edited images to create my own design. Use subtle animations to expand the user experience.” (The second sentence is not a complete sentence and switches tenses.)

And make sure you’re stylizing names correctly. Things like “JQuery”, “Vanilla Javascript”, and “Wordpress” should be “jQuery”, “vanilla JavaScript”, and “WordPress” - that’s how the creators write them. (The word “vanilla” should not be capitalized - it is a common adjective, not part of a proper noun.) I know it gets confusing with all the different capitalization quirks, but for something this important, look it up. There is a lot of competition out there and every little thing matters. One of the qualities of a good coder is attention to exacting little detail.

I say all this to be helpful. Several months ago when I posted my portfolio and resume, there were a lot of similar little mistakes. (A LOT!). I understand how it’s easy to treat this as an afterthought, but it is really important.

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Thanks Kevin,

I’m getting it sorted now! :nerd_face:

Its clean and nice on mobile. I personally prefer about me to be before Work, but that could be just me

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I’m probably too late now, but…

  • It would be nice to have a smooth scroll via JavaScript when you have users click on your links to jump to certain sections. Just a UX thing. :slight_smile:

  • Because you are going about it as a 1 pager site, I’m not sure I can agree with your decision to have a about section separate from a short intro snippet at the top. Might as well combine them at that point. The story flow (content wise) feels very weird. Like… intro, then work, then about.

  • The padding or margin you have on the left and right… I think your site will look nice without them. That way your hero section will stretch all the way across the screen.

  • Another UI/UX thing, because your main call-to-action is to have people view your portfolio, you might want to consider going with a solid button instead of a bordered button. Most usually play it safe and use a background that matches the theme/branding color of the site. As for your portfolio work buttons, I think leaving it as is is fine.

  • The small text for each work entry. I think it would be better in 1.3 rem size. Chrome inspector says you have it as 1.2 rem at the moment (too small). If you go 1.4 rem, you should increase the primary description’s font size or change the color of that small text while in 1.4 rem to a lighter color if it’s just there to support.

FYI - I like your text snippet above the image on the right for each of your work. Works great for your site. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I’m reviewing this on my laptop via 1080p display on Google Chrome browser (latest). Everything looked fine to me in terms of rendering without things looking out of place.

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Great job! You portfolio looks really good. I especially liked projects display.

If I did it, I would add some margin above the photo on the first page as the photo is cutted of. Also, I would keep the ‘View projects’ button inside the grey section.

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Thanks very much!

I don’t have time to get it all done before the interview, but ill defiantly get it done after :slight_smile:

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