Group coding anywhere

Hey all!
Does anyone know of any groups that code together, either through here or anywhere else? I’ve been coding a couple of months, but mostly in isolation, and I’m scared I’m not going anywhere., or I’m not doing nearly enough.

I’m redoing projects on FCC to make sure I fully understand the concepts, I just want to make sure I’m not wasting time and am making progress towards getting a job.
Any advice/tips would be great! Thanks!

There are a lot of groups that “code together”. You could use that term for the entire open-source ecosystem, or even more broadly all projects companies do internally.

However, if your concerned about “not progressing” or “not doing enough” then you might want to break down your overall goals to get an idea of what sort of “sub-goals” you’d want to focus on in the near and longer term.

It’s tough to know your personal progress without some kind of personal road map and goals. There’s infinite ways to go about things, coding with others is just one path, but it might not be the only path. Or if anything its hard to know what sort of groups you’d even want to participate with without knowing more about where you are now, and where you want to go in regards to your current learning.


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