Is there any coding group on here?

AYE YALL!!! :hugs:Is there any group on this forum that code for 100 days ?? I’m about to start building JavaScript projects and I wish to be apart of a group. I would very much appreciation some feedbacks.
or maybe we can create a new group.

To the best of my knowledge, FCC (at least the forum) doesn’t provide a place for coders to “hook up” and form groups like this. If you look around in your area you might find groups that meetup (Facebook groups and meetup dot com are good places to look). I can’t stress how helpful going to local meetups was for me - meet other coders, talk shop, compare projects, etc. Some meetups are just hangouts, in some everyone works on their own thing, but socially. Some have lessons, etc.

If you start doing that, you can probably find some people who might have a similar interest.

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Hi @Tehanna !

Welcome to the forum!

If you want feedback on your projects, then you can always post in the #project-feedback section.

If you want to hang out and collaborate in different groups you could look into these options.

Hope that helps!

hi @kevinSmith, when I say coding group I don’t mean meeting up or hooking up with anyone. Thank you for your feedback though.

Thank you @jwilkins.oboe , it does get a little sad especially when you don’t have anyone or anywhere to share your work with or ask questions .

I would definitely checkout those links.

I recently joined virtual coffee and I really enjoy it so far.

They have optional meetings twice a week and a very active slack community. :grinning:

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