Hats off freeCodeCamp


A big thank you; :trophy: a shot out :comet: and round of applause. :clap:t5: freeCodeCamp. You did it. The new content looks fiery. :fire: I was worried about my progress with the new layout until I seen the x o f total challenges :floppy_disk: completed notice this is going to be next level. :rocket:

Sta y with it campers :person_climbing:t5:!


Thanks for the positivity and the support. Happy coding!


Yes, THANK YOU to Team FCC for all the hard work on the updates!

Very exciting to see more great content and updated challenges. And all for the very reasonable price of FREE. There truly is no other resource like this on the web. :raised_hands:t3:


Not to trying to ruin the mood, but people either donโ€™t like the design (like me) people donโ€™t like not being told about there solutions not being displayed and stressing over that.

Itโ€™s been discussed that these are both open issues on github and a solution is being developed. Have some patience

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Totally agree! After the initial shock lol I took a while to study the new curriculum and omg it is so awesome!

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There is too much of a split of people who donโ€™t like the new design. It was a waste of time and they shouldโ€™ve just edited the challanges

Their weather API only works half the time, and they spend time remaking
there perfectly working simpliar website just to add more challenges for no reason. Then they canโ€™t even load the old solutions in, like they never even tested that.