Hello Campers it'd be great if you can check out my Tribute Page for Adam Smith and give me some feedback

This is my first tribute page I would appreciate any comment

Good use of Bootstrap for responsive resizing on different devices - however, think about how your images work with this. At the moment, they remain at the same size and spill over. You should be able to set up CSS rules for your tags to fix this :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for the reply.
I didn’t use anything to make my page resize- responsive because i haven’t mastered bootstrap and don’t know how to apply those resizing classes or tags. At the moment I am trying to learn more about it and than add it to this page.

You’re already using Bootstrap, maybe without knowing it. It’s the .container class that handles the resizing for you :slight_smile:

hello again. After almost a month I got back to coding and put the container-fluid class so I hope that it is enough for this project :smiley: