HELP 2020! What Front/Back End Development Syllabus/Subjects/Courses i should take so not to be disappointed later on


I studied a bit of HTML and CSS but twice ended up in hiatus due to bad job environment.

I started my journey in webdevelopment by taking a course in Udemy. Here is the link (For heavenly reasons of freecodecamp i cant add the links )

Now I am completely lost in life.

After the Hiatus i decided to research on what subjects in web development i should take that would help me to avoid disappointments. Disappointment that i have wasted my time and life studying stuff which are of no use in this age of time and in the ages to come. I found this article in freecodecamp - How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer in 2020 . This is the link
( For heavenly reasons of freecodecamp i cant add the links )

Therefore i am requesting help from all Pro/Masters/Teachers/Professors/Freelancer/Self-learners developers around the world.

1- What precise subjects i should take in front end and back end development?
2- Where should I begin?
3-What you think of the course in Udemy that i provided the link above? Should i proceed with it or can you recommend me one.

Here are the links to the webpages i was making during my study period. I created them using the udemy course and searched the web for other functions that i wanted to add to the webpage. That time i was very enthusiastic in it. I remember i was having fun but external forces caused a nice damage to my motivation.
A - For heavenly reasons of freecodecamp i cant add the links
B - For heavenly reasons of freecodecamp i cant add the links

Looking forward to receive your advice’s.

Many thanks to all in advance.


I highly recommend starting with freeCodeCamp. It’s free, extensive, and has a great community to help you on your journey.

(You can’t post links because you are brand new. This is an anti-spam measure.)

thanks but that only a general reply. I am here in freecodecamp and i am asking for advice where to start. what topics to learn. as i have said i dont want to get disappointed in the end that i took the wrong path in my studies. for instance i will be studying a topic just to find out that its useless later on.
I am reading an article How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer in 2020 on freecodecamp.
Its educational and lays down a lot of information what to study and what not. but i would like to get detailed list of topics to concentrate on. and what course to start with and where to proceed with it.

If possible a list of things that needs to be learned and numbered in what order. i believe many would like that as well.

I suggest starting at the beginning of the freeCodeCamp curriculum and doing the lessons in order. I suggest spending lots of time on the projects and making them something that you’re actually proud of. Expect to spend much more time on a project than on the lessons.

The team that has built freeCodeCamp has spent the last 6 years trying to make a well organized education track for modern web development. It’s the one that I recommend as a place to start for all aspiring web programmers.


Thanks for your reply. I will start. I hope i and it wont fail me. I will start with the curriculum.

Can you please give me the link to where to start exactly in freecodecamp.

Many thanks

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Hello there.

You should be able to see this in the top right corner, when you are on the forum:
You can click on /learn, and that will take you to the curriculum. Or, follow this link:

Hope this helps

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Thanks a mill :v:

I hope the journey will help me alot. I had to add extra text to say thank you :sweat_smile:.

Thank you :blush:

one more thing. it asks me to sign up to save my progress. but i am already signed in here. But maybe the forum page is different from the /learn page.

do i need to sign in again?

What is the best signup option?

In terms of signing up, it is recommended to keep both the email you used for your forum account and the email you use for your curriculum account the same. The reason for this is at some point both accounts will become the same. Or, at least linked.

Otherwise, the ideal approach would be for you to sign up using your GitHub account. This makes logging in easier, as well as prevents some hiccups with accidental account duplicates. I am not sure if this will help, if you have not used GitHub for your forum account, though.

In the end, it is up to you.

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As long as the email on your GitHub account is the same email you used to sign up, it should be fine.

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Hey there,
Just go through and click on sign in… You’ll receive an email with a code to input.
I had the same and realised you have to do this for any new device on what to work from.

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Thanks @Sky020 and @ArielLeslie

I signed up using github account. coudnt wait :yum:

I changed the email address of the github to resemble the one in the forum. :nerd_face:

I hope this will not cause any issues. :cold_face:

Is there a way to test it if its fine? :face_with_monocle:

ummmm dont remember how i signed in. i used github. i think it asked me some permissions to use. Thanks for the info :blush: :blush: :blush:

You shouldn’t have any issues.

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Thanks for letting me know.

The lessons are cool. Its likea revision for me and i am as well learning new stuff.

But i would like to ask. Is there a way to jump back to the previous lessons especially when i want to double check something.

Many thanks.

Right now the only way to navigate is through the page.

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Yep. i found that option. i was wondering if there was another way.

Thanks for the info :smiley: