Help! How to start a web development project

Hello free coders!

I want to set up a web page for personal purpose (non-profit) similar to wallapop functionality but without money transactions.

I am an experienced embedded programmer but I have no idea about front-end nor back-end web development.
For that reason, I need to learn some topics before starting my project.

Which languages and topics do I need to learn to build my web page? As I said it would be similar to wallapop but without money transactions. I would like to use free languages and frameworks because it is a non-profit project and I do not want to pay any royalties.


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I don’t have much experience myself, but my two-penneth …

front end has to be javascript, or a language that compiles to javascript, because browser only run javascript.
Back end latest popular seems to be node.js, which uses javascript.

I really don’t think you could do better than working through freecodecamp. You will gain a good grounding in full stack (front end and back end) web development.

hope this helps.

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The freeCodeCampe curriculum introduces you to all of the technology you’d need. Have you taken a look at that yet?

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