Help Me Improve My Resume: Ali's Job Application

Dear Community,

I am seeking your valuable feedback on my resume. I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions you may have to offer. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @aliibra9214 !

Here are my thoughts on your resume :slight_smile:

Your name and title take up way to much space.
Space on a resume is really precious so you don’t want to waste it.
I would suggest removing some of the space at the top.

Under your contacts you link a website called
Is that a spelling error?
But also, if that is supposed to be your personal portfolio, then I would come up with a better domain name. Preferably something with your name in it like or something like that.

For the about section, unfortunately it sounds to generic and simliar to what most juniors have on their resumes. About sections are tough to write and usually it will take you a few tries before you land on something that works.

This indeed article has some good tips for crafting a strong about me section

When it comes to certificates, most recruiters, employers and hiring managers won’t really look at certificates unless it is something like an AWS cert. I think you should remove it from your resume.

For your education section, I don’t think you need all of those bullet points for your bootcamp. When I read through the description it sounds like every other bootcamp out there. So I would remove the bullet points and just leave the name and dates.

For your projects, you need to talk more about the value you brought to the table.
What are some valuable contributions that you brought that led to the success of the project?
What are some features that you worked on?
You need to let employers know what you contributed.

Also, do you have any other projects that you can share that demonstrate your skills?
Have you built any other projects that solve problem and have some complexity to it?

But overall, your resume seems a little bit busy and I would suggest reducing it down a little bit so it is easier to scan.
Remember that most hiring managers and recruiters will only spend about 6-7 seconds reading through your resume.

There are plenty of great articles on resumes so you can tighten it up and increase your chances of lading an interview

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Hey @jwilkins.oboe
I really appreciate your time for reading through my resume and giving me valuable tips, i will consider them and edit my resume accordingly.

Hi Some more tips :slight_smile:

Format and Organization
Keep the resume tidy, spotless, and simple to read. Throughout, use a professional typeface (such as Arial or Calibri) and consistent formatting. Create distinct parts on your resume for your contact information, summary and objective, work history, education, skills, and accomplishments. To make it easier to skim, emphasize important information with bullet points.
Fit it to the situation
For each position you apply for, tailor your resume to the job specifications. Emphasize your accomplishments, experiences, and talents that are pertinent to the position. Make your resume easier for applicant tracking systems (ATS) to search for by include keywords from the job description.
Find some Free AI Resume Builder online that makes the job easy.
All the Best!

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Thank you so much @johnmathews.hrd :pray:

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