Help me in choosing which language to learn in order to make FYP(Final Year Project))

Hello everyone. Please read the long question completely to understand my question.

I have been searching for one-week typing on google
“Which language to learn first”

I got answers like learn javascript or learn python first as it is easy to learn. But my scenario is different. I am currently a university student and in coming months I will have to make FYP(Final Year Project) on an e-commerce website to get the degree. So I decided to ask you, people, these questions:

  1. Should I learn Javascript? Would it help in my FYP?

  2. What type of project can I make from javascript?

  3. Can this choice help me in getting my future job?

I hope I will get the satisfied answer from this community. Thanks

What do you need to do? What is your subject? Programming languages are just tools, they have different uses, one is not necessarily better than any other. JavaScript is commonly used for making user interfaces in web browsers, and for small servers. R is used for statistics. SQL is used for relational databases. C# is commonly used for programming GUIs. Python is commonly used for math/science purposes. Etc etc.

If you have a few months to prepare and produce a final project, you’re decision has to be based on what tool you need to do the job. We have no idea what you are supposed to be making. This is the critically important bit of information here: without it, its impossible for anyone to advise you on what the best tool to make it is. You are just asking “I need to make a thing in the next few months. What’s the best language to make the thing”. We can infer that the thing will make use of a computer in some way, because you’re asking which language to use, but that’s it.


Thanks for replying @DanCouper. I have an idea of building ecommerce website. Sor for that suggest the best language to learn right now.

For what purpose? What are you studying? What are they expecting from this? There will be very different criteria depending on what it is you’re being asked to do.

Actually, in our country, the university is asking to make a unique project on which they will award me the degree. If the idea is not good/unique they reject and give us another chance to think about another project idea. You know they haven’t told me that this is the project, you have to make it. No, they didn’t do that. Because for me, this would be a lot easier to do. Instead, they are asking me to get a good idea for the project so that you can be awarded the degree.

In short, I will say to you to please help me in getting this job done. I am totally confused. I can make any type of software project. Just wanted to know which project idea is good for me to get the degree.


Yes but what is your degree? Why you are doing this changes the context of what it is. I already know it’s for your final project, and I can guess you have to think of something.

Think of a problem that exists -> ‘find a solution’ to it by building a platform that solves that problem.

The problem could be personal or general.

And it’s all up to you as it depends on who you are, where you live and the unsolved problems there.

However, if like to go for web development: You can go for JavaScript which you will be able to use in both front-end and back-end development.

For the back-end, It’s also possible to choose PHP (a better option and a big market, especially when it comes to WordPress Development. As you may already know, today, millions of websites are already hosted with WP and the number is growing. But not only this, the advantage of PHP over JS for back-end is that most hosting services support the former.).

Good luck.

I am doing degree in computer science

Thanks for replying @clevious. I will consider that

Wait, you’re in the final months of a CS degree and you haven’t learnt any programming languages??

You have a short period of time, you need something you can build in quickly and has lots and lots of tutorials for beginners. Ruby (using Ruby on Rails), Python (using Flask or Django), JS (using Express) fulfil this. So does PHP, but I’ve not used it for a very long time so can’t advise. JS tends be the least friendly language-wise but is available everywhere and probably has the most resources (though many go out of date quickly). If you have a few months, you don’t have time to learn a language properly.

Also: this idea is not focussed in any way (and not a particularly interesting thing w/r/t CS). Some aspect of it - like a novel payment system for e-commerce or whatever - that’s feasible and you might be able to actually finish it and make use use of the knowledge gained from the degree. What you’re suggesting is a big engineering problem, not a CS problem. Can you do it in JS? Sure. But an e-commerce site is just a tiny piece of UI, there isn’t anything special about a site (this is why what you are doing as degree matters: eg if you were doing a design degree, then the UI would matter, the backend would be irrelevant). What it actually is is the interface for a collection of lots of other things; that’s why I say it’s not focussed, because just saying you want to make an e-commerce site - that’s not really a thing in isolation, per se

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