Help me start my Project please

Hi Everyone! :smile:

I’ve been thinking maybe it’s time for me to start my own project from scratch, and I’ve decided to do a basic Calculator first and later move on to something more complex (maybe a Tetris game).

For the moment, I’ve completed the first 2 certifications. Responsive Web Design and Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures. Currently working on the 3rd certification Front End Libraries. (React at the moment).

First of all I would like to know if with the knowledge I have now, would it be advisable to jump right in to making my app from scratch? or do I need more ‘experience’ and complete all the Certifications on this site? Second, how do you decide what approach to take when starting an app? There are so many options it seems overwhelming for a beginner like me. Do I just go for basic html and CSS with a little Javascript, or go full Javascript, jQuery Bootstrap, react and Etc.

Maybe I have so many information in my head, I just need to figure out WHEN to use certain things (jQuery and Bootstrap).

Thanks for reading any any advise will be appreciated.


Certs are alright but in the end the projects are what matter imo

Ahh, decision paralysis, isn’t it fun? Trust me, it doesn’t go away with experience; if you’re anything like me, you’ll always be vacillating between different technologies to choose from. In such a case, just pick the set of techs that feels the most fun to work with, and go with that.

That said, if you’re looking to keep current with web development trends, I would advise using something like React, Angular, or Vue rather than jQuery. But if you find jQuery more fun to use, don’t let anyone stop you. Your learning projects are for you, and if you don’t have fun learning, what’s the point?

As for when to start, now is good. Don’t wait.

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