Help needed on product landing page

Hi guys.
I need some help.
I am having problems with my nav-links;
the first 2 work, but mt ‘price’ one doesnt and test suite is saying that it doesnt pass please help!!

<section id="#price"> That’s where you’re supposed to be landing. Does that look right to you? (Hint: why is that octothorpe, pound sign, hashtag there?)

The other code is the same and works fine. thank you

Thank you, a second look always works well :+1:

I am having issues with the nav-links not passing the test, although they all work fine.
please help.
thank you.

Your class="nav-link"is on the wrong element. Make sure to click on the red button after you run through the tests and read the full errors.

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many thanks, i will check now :+1:

struggling with mp4.
i cant get the mp4 to work properly.
got mp4 on laptop but cant get it into code :frowning:

Looks as though you resolved it.

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