Help on my Programming journey

I study Animal science in school so programming is uncharted lands for me.
I started learning by using Freecodecamp site. Today I checked some Youtube videos from freecodecamp saying Introduction to Programming. The video contained a whole list of concepts which I have no slight idea of considering that am still on HTML and CSS
Is it okay to watch this video in full or I should wait till I get to JavaScript?

The course is interactive and as such offering a lot more information and praxis than a video.
Though ofcourse you can watch the video - I assume it will merely go into the basics of how these things work. As a beginner video it’s to be exptected you haven’t yet heard of them.

Keep in mind, html and css aren’t programming languages.
One is literally a “hypertext-markup-language” meaning it’s basically written textmarkers. The other is a stylesheet, a list of styling attributes.

So in other words, the video has nothing to do with html and css, thus up until you start with Javascript, the video does not touch anything you do on the course.

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Thanks a lot for your wonderful answer
Its all I needed

Hi, I think you should do both of them bilaterally. This doesn’t mean having a greedy approach. Instead, you divide your time into chunks and allocate one of those chunks to watching this video (e.g 5 min every day).
How you watch it is quite important. Since you are not familiar with many concepts within the video, the best way is to sharpen your curiosity while watching.

When you want to watch this video have a notebook, and write down all the things you don’t understand in form of a question list. Also, pay attention to the repeated names and phrases. Things like the name of algorithms or graphs.
Get creative with it, and even try to draw some of the ideas you learn or even you have difficulty learning.

For now, the goal should be gainning a basic understanding of what ideas are essential and important.
Then when you get to Javascript lessons or better get into further challenges, you know what you should pay attention to and never let it slip from your memory. Those questions will be helpful with further research and googling and self-teaching later on.

Great thanks to you Najmieh for the advice and tips
Really needed help on this as am already getting burnt out trying to learn some basic syntax on CSS
This is better than any Self-improvement pill videos I’ve watched so far lol
Thanks again

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Don’t strive to hard for learning everything for CSS (and HTML)

Both of these technologies have extensive syntax, along with massive amounts of “tips and tricks” associated with them due to the nature of the web evolving over the decades.

I do suggest focusing on enough to be able to accomplish the basics, as understanding the syntax, and applying it to do some of what you want is and will be important in any language. The main difference maker between CSS and HTML, relative to a programming language like JavaScript, is how you wield them.

CSS and HTML once you figure out the syntax, is mostly more of the same. However, learning JavaScript’s syntax allows you to wield it do do stuff dynamically, to more tell the computer how to do something for you. Such is programming, and what that sort of video would go over at a high conceptual level.

This split between understanding the syntax, and wielding the syntax is the “big bridge” one needs to cross, that doesn’t exist when learning CSS and HTML. With CSS and HTML, your stuck memorizing the expansive syntax, and tips and tricks on using it. That isn’t what programming is.

So don’t get too discouraged, do understand it can be a lot, and that while learning these things things wont work often. The goal isn’t to be perfect, its to wiggle your way out of any challenges you end up facing and just keep grinding by knowing such struggles are natural and a part of learning.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:


Thanks Brad. Finished HTML and CSS by the way. Now am onto C instead of JavaScript as I expected (for reasons I can’t explain)
Do you think it’s right?
C before JavaScript?

If you want to do web dev, then C isn’t really useful. If you want to do low level systems programming or high performance programming, then C is an OK starting point but something like Rust would also be a good idea.

If you are set on doing C, I’d look a CS50.

CS50 was what made me venture into C in the first place. And you mentioning Rust just boosted my interest because it seems C has a relative syntax to Rust right?

By the way, like I mentioned earlier, am an Agricultural Student. We don’t do anything tech related despite carrying a heavy name of Agricultural Technology
I want to learn C So I can build machines like Drones and other machines to be used in mechanized agriculture

C has syntax that is similar to what you will find in many other languages. C is one of the ‘old languages’, at this point more than 50 years old.

Rust is sort of a newer member of the ‘C language family’ but it has many features, and thus syntax, not found in C.

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I guess understanding C will make it easier for me to grasp other languages

I have a question
Though it’s directed at C programmers but considering, you prolly know it

I am stuck at understanding functions: how variables from the main function are assigned to the parameters of a called function, then assigned into the variables in the function itself