Help - putting together a study plan for Java course

Hello: I will start a 4-month long Java course that will cover the following:


• Intro to Data Bank: DDL, DML

• Front-end: HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstap

• Web Integration: Springboot, hibernate and JPA

• DevOps: Jenkins, Azure and Heroku

I’m at a HTML and CSS intermediate level. Regarding JS, I still have to finish the functional programming, the intermediate level algorithms and the projects section on FCC. I’ve been working on two projects: a simple CRUD to work with the personal info of fictional students and a calculator, which I have almost concluded–with respect to what I set out to do.

I’ve put together a study plan. If anyone can give me some feedback on it, and tell me what’s good to keep, scrap and/or add I’d be thankful.


CRUD – change code and add complexity

Practice and study:



If your focusing on Java, I’d focus primarily on Java + OOP and Java specific and focused technologies.

4 months is roughly half the time you’d spend on learning Java in an academic setting, not including the focus on the underlying theory, such as learning about data structures and algorithms. (thats another 6-8 months)

So that would mean focusing on:

  • Java syntax
  • OOP
  • Algorithms + Data Structures
  • Springboot, Hibernate, JPA
  • Build stuff with Java

Each of these will bleed into the next.

I’d highly recommend picking up a college level book on learning Java that was recently published and use that as a starting point.

Any web-dev specific technologies could be learned, but I’d consider them not directly important to Java itself.

Finally its worth mentioning that learning Java isn’t really directly relevant to web-dev, so if you wanted to be a web-developer I’d focus on JavaScript, and other web development technologies (html/css) instead of Java.

Java is a decent starter language, but ultimately it isn’t “tied” to web development.

Cheers @bradtaniguchi

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