Help to learn React

Hello campers!
I started learning the React with freeCodeCamp courses, then I saw a video on YouTube, 10 hours React, which is awesome. But there is a problem. it’s based on “create-react-app”. now I’m really confused. Should I start over and learn the Reacts’ original syntax, like courses on the site, or it’s enough to learn with react-app???

I’m not sure what you mean buy “react-app”. Do you mean “create-react-app”?

That should be completely compatible with the React that you are taught on FCC. It would only be incompatible if it were a very old React tutorial that is pre ES5. That’s probably not the case - you can post a link to the video if you want and you can check. The other “incompatibility” would be if the tutorial were very recent and uses hooks, which FCC doesn’t cover yet.

But the way FCC teaches React is in its own little coding playground. The basic concepts will transfer well but when you get into CRA, you are building the app in a local Node environment, breaking things into separate files. That is actually much closer to how you would be using React, in the “real world”. The FCC tasks are just trying to simplify things for you a little.

But there should be no real incompatibility here, once you get past the initial understanding.

Was there a specific question?

Yes I meant creat-react-app.
and the video is actually uploaded by FCC.
here is its link:

thank you for answer. It was really helpful for me. :pray:

Cool, yeah, with a quick scan of the video, it looks like that is a good, modern React tutorial. It looks like a little later it gets into hooks so it is more advanced (or at least more recent) than the FCC material.

There shouldn’t be any incompatibility and the video seems more in tune with an actual workflow (again, FCC holds your hand for a bit). And it is a little more “up to date” with things like hooks. The FCC material is still rooted in classes, for which hooks are a modern alternative that a lot of modern React devs prefer. (But it’s still important to learn classes.)

Thank you so much my friend :v: