Heroku requires credit card for creating more than 5 apps

I have completed the 5 api projects and deployed them on heroku.

When I try to deploy 6th project, it gives error stating :" You’ve reached the limit of 5 apps for unverified accounts."

As I student I don’t have credit card. Now, what shall I do?


Make a new account for the rest of them perhaps?

I’m not quite sure how you get around this at that stage. My solution (which I’m still working on) was to build all of the API projects as one project and use a different route for each. My guess is that after already completing these projects, you really don’t want to have to go back and build them all as a single project. Aside from that, I’m not sure how you can do it without a credit/debit card.

Just delete them. You have your code on github, so you can upload them back at any time. FCC team is working on a curriculum expansion which will hopefully address this problem.
In the mean time start working on fullstack projects.

Also if you have finished all API projects, it should be trivial for you to make them into one API (you could treat it as a sixth project :slight_smile: )


You can build all the back-end microservices and full-stack app on https://gomix.com/. You just need a github account. The new backend section in the curriculum expansion will be based on gomix.