Backend: Heroku 5 app limit?

I’m worknig on the backend challenges and heroku hosting has only a limit of 5 apps and then you have to pay to use their hosting / services.

I’m thinking I could try make other subdomains on my site, but I’m just wondering if anyone is using other external free services?

Regards Jono

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You can use Gomix. It is like codepen for Node.

thanks, though i wish i could pull in my github repo. It looks promising :slight_smile:

scratch that found that option in the advanced tab

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No you don’t.
Verification doesn’t mean pay.
I have a verified account on heroku and I haven’t paid a cent.


Cheers, lifesaver, i just seeing asking for my card details, and then quick to assume i was paying for a subscription than verifying my identity. no you’re right heroku allows upto 100 apps apparently.