Hey, need 2-3 people for an accountability/study group

Interested in forming an accountability group?

hey, I just signed up and I’m to learn, practice, and have fun. On a scale of 1 to 100 competence level for programming, i’m at like a 3 of 100; my total hours of programming is currently at 4 hours and it includes some codeacademy, freecodecamp, youtube videos, and article reading.

The reason why I mention my current aptitude is to help you determine good fit. I’m open to tag teaming with rookies or experienced individuals. Everyone brings a unique perspective. What is required though is a good attitude, fun personality, tolerable sense of humor, and willingness to lift teammates up.

A little about me: I took one course of programming back at UCLA when I had aspirations to study engineering there. The class went well, but I eventually changed to an economics degree. Fast forward to now, I run a digital marketing agency - www. jumpkit .io - but I’m itching to learn a new craft. Hence, this is why I’m here.

Oh, this may be even cooloer, but I live in NYC. If you’re in NYC, then we can even code together in-person.



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