How bad is my mess?

Hello people.I wanna know how bad my mess off a “project” is.It feels like i can’t make anything good because i lack imagination and style.

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Looks ok to me! You don’t need to make anything fancy - just pass the tests and it looks like you did.

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Good job on your project! Don’t worry too much about the visuals, the main goal is just to understand the basics and continue to improve your skills. As you improve you can go back and revisit your past projects and update them with your new skills.

Imagination and style are 2 things that can be improved on with practice. I think the project isn’t bad by any means but it can definitely be improved. Here are a few suggestions:

  • On line 6 there was a typo. <em/> should be </em>
  • Wrap line 1 with the <head> element. That data is called metadata and isn’t something that should be included in your html body.

I’d also like to advice against this

The tests are there to steer you in the right direction. Always look for ways that you could make the work look better/function better/perform better. Doing the bare minimum is only going to cripple your learning in the long run.

If you need some inspiration then look at other people’s work here on these forums; look at codepen examples, etc. Even if you find a project that floors you, realize that the only thing preventing you from achieving the level of understanding that they’re on is practice. I can’t stress this enough. Preach it from the roof tops. Coding isn’t a skill you’re born with. We’re all apprentices trying to achieve the rank of master, but it’ll never happen.

Happy coding! :clap::sunglasses:

It wasn’t meant as do the bare minimum. My point is do not get caught up in trying to make it so perfect you get stuck or feel you cant do as well as more polished projects. You can always come back and update as you learn more skills and sometimes bare minimum is o.k. if you know that you will be revisiting the process as you move along.

Sounds like you’re just quoting @CitrineDragon’s post

Your initial post didn’t reflect what you just stated at all, but I would still argue that the bare minimum is never okay, but that’s my opinion.

I wasn’t “just” quoting their post - it’s a common strategy…wow. You could have stated your opinion without dragging me into it. My initial post was meant as encouragement and not a lengthy critique. Really was not expecting this kind of exchange on the codecamp forums. Have a good evening.

You as well!

We both have differentiating opinions on what would help OP, which isn’t a problem. No harm in a discussion on what method works better. I even stated that my preference was an opinion but nevertheless ~

What I like to do is look at other people’s websites to get inspiration for my designs. From what I understand, the typical web development studio will have designers and developers working alongside eachother. The designers send the blueprint to the developers, and then the developers code it out.

So, on your next project, or whenever you feel like taking on a bit more (because being pixel-perfect and adding navbars and making sure the colors and margins are all just right takes a lot more time the first couple times you do this), do a quick Google search for similar projects. When you find one you like the look of, try and eyeball it as you start coding your own.

Some projects don’t lend themselves to modern designs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick them into a modern, responsive, attractive looking website. Take the URL shortener project, for example. Here’s FCC’s example: But I wanted to stick this on my portfolio, and, to be frank, FCC’s example is not going to wow any HR people. So I picked a pretty looking website, and made mine look like this:

As for your project, it’s responsive and clean and the colors go well together. I would be proud. A bit of self-criticism can be healthy, but make sure you don’t overdo it to the point of discouraging yourself. You’re off to a great start.