How can I improve the look of my portfolio?

It’s very plain. I have ideas, but I’m not sure about any of them.

I could put in a background image. I’m afraid a stock photo would be too generic, or I could use a scenic photo of my own, but what do mountains have to do with web development?

I tried animating text in various ways, but I never thought it looked good. I would like to animate on scroll, but I don’t think I can do that with CSS/ HTML. My javascript lessons are progressing slowly.

I was going to put screenshots of my projects in the boxes. But it looks like that Codepen feature is reserved for Codepen Pro.

I don’t know if the colors I chose look professional. They might be too girlish?

I’d like to get other opinions/feedback. Thanks in advance.

Here’s my portfolio.

For your site, I’d reccomend softer colors and you can really put whatever you need into it. I’ve seen sites with random photos, so don’t let it worry you. The purple/pink color is quite harsh on my eyes.


Just a couple of thoughts

To find a cool color scheme, and save nerves, you can google images ‘color scheme + mood’ or ‘color scheme + colorsOfPreference’, and pick the one that looks the most appealing, or find something on Check these tips too :wink:

You can also read tips about spacing and typography.

Generic is not necessarily === bad imo, might be a better idea to start with creating something generic and professional-looking…

Here’s how you can make a page screenshot in chrome, It may be not perfect for codepen projects, but there are options (codesandbox, github pages, local dev environment…)

Good luck :wink:


Super nice advice here ^

Just wanted to add another v easy way to get those full-page screenshots, with Chrome’s Full Page Screen Capture extension.


Hey there,

great work so far, I like the simplicity and the spacing!


  • the spacing is inconsistent at the bottom of the page, especially the really big padding of the buttons and the small margin between the projects and the heading
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Thanks, I suspected it was too purple-ly.

Thanks so much for taking the time to post feedback and informative links. I know I have to take time out to learn more about basic design.

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Learning about material design might help