How do I get full stack certificate?

Quincy Larson says you get certficate once you earn all other certificates.

I earned all 6 certificates, but I have no full stack certificate. I didn’t do all the exercises though, only all projects.

Do I have to complete all the exercises or do I have to wait before it is rewarded or something else?

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I think thats like taking the test without going to the class.
In real school, you would have been left behind upon graduation day.
Something to think about…

i hope the answer is that you don’t have to do all the challenges because it would be a momentous waste of time for people who are here only to learn a few specific things and then get more practice…

Sorry, I don’t understand what exactly are you saying.
Are you talking about challenges? Should I do them? I have no problem doing them, it’s just that I see no purpose in doing them, because I learned more from following official documentation.

Also it is said only projects are required for certificates.

Regarding school, at my university attendance is required only in practical (physic experiments) classes. All other classes you don’t have to go a single time. Only exam to pass.

Why you care with the certificate. Your real certificate is your learning. That’s all what matters.

I will be honest, if you’re only doing these stuffs just to get certificate then there are a huge possibility that you wasted your time.

I actually did it only for final certificate. I started with old freecodecamp and did some dynamic projects (such as voting app) but didn’t finish all, so I just did this projects to get certificate. It took me around 1-2 weeks, because I knew majority already. I just had to make projects and learn mongodb / chai basics, because I did my own projects with jest and postgresql.

EDIT: Also, I know it’s about knowledge, but I still think it looks better on resume to have at least one certificate or something so getting a job is easier. I don’t think this makes me a bad person.

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It definitely doesn’t make you a bad person. But let’s be honest, I doubt that any company or anyone will care about your certificate from freecodecamp.

That being said, Freecodecamp is not famous as Google, Microsoft’s certificate(if there were) and I doubt there are many companies heard of it so I doubt that the certificate will have any depth.

I have 0 experience with companies and work and stuff but I speak logically. Anyway, your projects on other hand are going to convince them and win you the interviews. So what I’m trying to say is that your certificates don’t matter much, what does matter is the projects you made and since you made projects then that’s all what matters. Anyway, I admit that they are good for morals.

I can relate the missing final global achievement feel…

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Thanks for your patience! Rest assured - there is a 7th Full Stack Developer Certification that you can claim once you’ve completed all 6 of the new developer certifications in the new curriculum.

I believe you’re the first person who’s completed all of these. We thought we would have a few more weeks to get around to implementing the Full Stack Developer Certificate, so we haven’t implemented that yet. Here’s the open issue to add it: