How do I know I am assimilating

I just started the HTML course.

I would like to know how you all study and retain because I’m not sure if I am retaining.

right now you are familiarising with the language
once you reach the projects and start doing those you will start assimilating - you will need to research how to do stuff, and review many lessons, but that will be when you will actually learn stuff

you can also start earlier, creating your own small projects with the stuff you learned


Welcome! and congrats on the start of your journey!

For me personally it was the projects. My first one was rough, like REALLY BAD, but the next was a little better, and the 3rd was even better (still bad in hind-sight). But 200% better than my first & it was about then I figured out how to actually use Flexbox and I could type the HTML/CSS without hitting refresh every line added.

I could sketch my goal of what I wanted on notebook paper and actually make it close to what I wanted.

Practice and projects is the only answer I have. Repetition, even if you are making the same project over and over from scratch.

Then once you are comfortable look on the forums for challenges you have completed. Copy others code into the challenge and figure out the errors they are having and give them a hint to move forward.

But basically. Practice and more practice.

Thank you. That helps.

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Nice, thanks for this.

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