How do i switch topics?


I signed up for HTML but want to switch to Javascript, how do i do that?
Each time i click on the Javascript option in the steps windows i am returned to my HTML class.

I really need to learn Javascript basics fast for a code camp that I want to apply to. Tried your competitor Codecademy, which sucked, you guys are much better, but I will need to be able to switch in order to continue with FCC.

Can anyone help please?

Hey there!

Not to worry, you can jump between sections at ease!
All you have to do is click the button at the top of the page that says “MAP” and it will load all the challenges. You then just select the one that you want to work on and it will let you work from that point onwards.

If you continue to have any issues you can message me and I will use screenshots to show it visually for you.

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FCC has a single curriculum that starts with HTML. As @iQuain said, you can jump to other parts of the curriculum from the Map.