How Do You Keep Track of Coding Concepts and Ideas?

I’m teaching myself how to do front-end creation; I just got past the ES6 part of Javascript and I’m gonna be honest it’s a lot, a LOT to remember. Are there sites to reference when you want to, say, build a website or create something in Javascript?

There are a bunch of good websites with JavaScript and other web based documentation, I will list them below. -> has a ton of resources for everything web based -> very useful for finding JavaScript function documentation (good for beginner and intermediate algo scripting)

You can also create a GitHub repo or local folder of past work so that you can quickly reference past problems you encountered and solved. As I am searching for a job and doing interview prep, I made a GitHub repo to document algorithms I solved to reference. If you want to take a look, although not very robust this will give you an idea of what I mean.

Good luck and happy coding

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I think most people google stuff just about constantly. You eventually figure out the places that have the answers and pick those sites preferentially.

The ones I find myself using most are LeStack, MDN, w3schools, and lately, the Wordpress docs.


I need to stop doubting w3schools.

Hey @dascolt1

I only do this if it took me a long time to figure something out, or if it was particularly hard to find by Googling.

I use the “OneNote” application, and plain old Notepad, to track things I want to track. I do mostly WordPress development, so I have a OneNote tab for things like:

  • CSS Snippets
  • Functions.php snippets
  • Advanced Custom Field notes
  • Hooks and Filters
  • Graphics and Images
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO
  • Plugin Development
  • WooCommerce
  • Hosting Platforms
  • .htaccess
  • Javascript and jQuery snippets
  • Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Custom Page Templates
  • Modal popups

I also have tabs to track course materials I have worked through. You get the idea. This list will be different for every developer, and changes over time, but for me at least I have found it a great way to track things. I would also note that I delete some things from my notes as time goes by because once I have internalized something there is no longer a need to keep track of it, and deleting it makes it easier to find other things.

Yup, this is an extremely common concern at your point in learning. Don’t worry about it so much. There is too much to remember. Focus more on understand the concepts and knowing what is possible - with a little practice it gets easy to look these things up. As a professional dev, I am looking stuff up several times a day.

The the resources already mentioned, I’d add stack overflow and The latter’s section on flex is great.

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The abstract concepts will “click” after some practice. Almost no one has perfect recall, so a few will fall out of your head and you’ll forget them. That’s normal, and don’t worry about it: you’ll pick it up quicker the next time around. And when it comes to CSS, or just trying to remember the name of the method on arrays that tests for membership, I am always googling things.