How does one remember HTML?

Ho do we actually remember what we are doing? I feel we are just typing what the guide (left window) tells us to do? How do we actually practice what is being taught in the tutorial?

How do you remember the words of a new language?
For instance,French.
Obviously by speaking and writing the language.
The same goes for HTML.
You will have to do a lot of projects here given in the projects section and eventually you will feel HTML more of a tool to combine other languages and you will learn new tags and eventually you will have memorized them by heart.
So don’t worry if you forget a tag, just lookup on Google and don’t give up.

Happy Coding!


Practice makes perfect! Honestly, I’ve already done the JavaScript exercises here, and I was lost. I’m giving them a second go, and it’s making a lot more sense. HTML isn’t so bad for me, it’s CSS.

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Try to practice HTML without thinking, just try to do different compatible versions using bootstrap and foundation. Then later stage you will understand meaning of all tags.

Try to practice semantic way all the time and then try to improve accessibility.

Through repetition, not so much by studying and reading, but by actually doing…create and build. The more you put into practical use, the more you will find yourself reaching for the same things over and over and over again…at which point you’ll eventually look up things less because you have become so familiar with using them.

noone remembers everything. in that situation nearly all the people use this method:

google: “name of the technology” + cheat sheet.
my suggestion is that always look for good cheat sheets for what you are learning.

but you should always know the basics and what a spesific technology is able to do. what you can do and what you can’t do. then the question “how” comes in. then you use cheat sheets. but I think pro ppl of this business doesn’t use them %90 of the time.

No one know 100% about HTML even “Tim” . Practice makes perfect!.According to the the project and situations we need to find out the proper usage of HTML.There are source available now to help us.


Practice - overtime you’ll need Google and Stackoverflow less :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve found that the first time I try a skill, it takes me days to complete a project. The second and third times take a few hours, and the fourth time takes a few minutes.

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