How good do you have to be in order to make a game like this?

First let me apologize for poor english since I’m not native and cannot write english comfortably.

Hi, I am Naoki. I’m novice in programming and now I’m doing Javascript part of FCC. I am learning lot and I’m thankful for the everything on this web site.

Though I’m learning to code very cheerfully, I sometime feel nervous whether I’m on the right track for my goal, or, if I have set a wrong goal. And I want to know how much more effort is needed to reach my goal.

My goal is to be able to create a game like “smashy road”(please see the link below if you have never heard of it)
And what inspired me most was that this game is programmed just by one programmer and I think it’s incredible. I want to be able to create something high quality like this game all by myself in the future.

I am quite novice in programming so I don’t know how much effort is needed to become a software engineer like him. And that’s what I want to know.

I already know that if I wanted to create just games I can skip javascript and stuff and do Unity from the start, but I am thinking of mastering web first, so the curriculum is fine by me.

I think it would even be possible to do this in game in JS, with the use of threejs and a physics engine, see this example:

So if you are learning JS, just keep on coding, you’re getting better with every line!

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Thanks so much for giving me a reply. I’m glad to know that learning javascript won’t be in vain. I will keep on coding!!

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