How much of FreeCodeCamp to learn to get a job?

This reminds me of the type of person who is all talk or a troll.


Im with @wtkwon on this…its just non sustainable. Im also competitive…against myself only. I always want to do better than I did before…and right now since Im not working, I have a lot of time to devote to my studies. I track all the time I spend studying on Toggl… and when I first started out, I was clocking in 80 hours a week for my first 2 weeks… Even my daughter was telling me to take a break but I was on a roll… and then…I burnt out. Hard HARD. and didnt touch code or come to FCC or anything else at all for almost 2 months.

Now I make sure to take breaks and instead of an average 10hrs a day, I now study for an average 6 hours a day, thats including taking a day off at least once a week (note…to me taking a day off means only doing a couple algo challenges or popping on HackerRank for an hour…I still code every single day lol) Im actually learning more, and I dont feel the burnout coming on either because Im allowing my brain some time to rest.

Anyway, @ksjazzguitar is on point…you’re kind of contradictory and vague… on one hand you say youre already experienced, on the other hand you say you need to learn. Not only do we not know what you know and where youre starting from, we have no idea what your pace of learning is and how quickly you are able to understand concepts. Some people finish the course in a couple months, others in a couple years…its too individual.

I get the gist you’re kind of set in your mind that you want someone to say you dont need to do much to be job ready, but for anyone else curious, I think the most important thing is to get started and keep going. You wont really know what its going to take for you to get there until you get there.

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Schweet and congrats man!

Well done!

Probably better not to assume these things. It’s good to have an open mind.