How my portfolio looks for a potential employer?! 🙂

Hey all,

I just completed the Front-End certificate on Freecodecamp and I would like some feedback on how my portfolio looks for a potential employer.

Portfolio on CodePen:
CodePen Profile:

Thank You! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, Nice work. Here is what you can improve according to me:

  • Use better personal photo ( professional look) and focus should be right
  • Use better icons for the work section and maybe a bit smaller

Congrats on your certificate


In regards to icons you can use

Advance warning: this is going to sound harsh.

I’d remove the philosophy. You mention that you’re 20 years old. You don’t get to be “wise” (or a “purveyor of wisdom”) until you’re at least three times that age. And then you don’t call yourself “wise” (kinda like how no expert calls themselves an expert).

More to the point, potential employers want to see evidence of what you can do, not assertions about what kind of person you are. Finding out what kind of person you are is what the interview is for, and then they’ll make their own assessment, rather than listening to yours.

Show, don’t tell.

The same goes for “this list is not exhaustive”, which employers will read as “I’m not specialized in anything and I want to appear more experienced than I really am”. Instead of stating this, show it by including a short blurb under each project with the project name and the tech it was made with. That way, you can show that e.g. you have some experience working with Vue even though you don’t list it as a core competency.

Also, host it (and your projects) somewhere other than Codepen. Having projects on Codepen doesn’t prove that you know how to structure a project or even how to write HTML boilerplate.

With the criticism out of the way, I really like the overall visual design, font choices, landscape photo, text effects, and attractive use of semitranspacency. Overall, it’s actually a really nice portfolio page.


You could make some adjustments to your CV. For example, remove your photo, address, certificate, languages and hobbies/interests. Fit everything on one page.

Talk about your projects, what technologies you have used etc. and make sure to link it to your GitHub

Thank you for your comment @michal9909.

I am not sure if anyone else noticed, but if you mouseover the icons under the “Font-End Developer” text, the screen appears jittery.

The text-shadow effect has been applied to the icons on hover…

All I know is that when I put my mouse over any of the icons (even holding it there), the content above the icon bar shifts up and then back down very quickly. On the portfolio website version it moves up and down. On the codepen version, it almost seems to move side to side or something. It is definitely more noticeable on the portfolio website version

Here it is why:

(The feature deleted… :grinning:)

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Hey @simongjetaj. Nice work with the portfolio page and all the wonderful designs.

I just noticed that the calculator accepts multiple decimal points. Like, you can make a number “” if you want. A number in such format does not exist. You may correct it if you wish.

Having said that the calculator has a huge set of scientific functions than what the FCC user story requires. That’s some neat work :slight_smile:

Al the best.

Hey @deepuvijayannair,

Thank you for your comment and feedback. I will see what I can do.

All the best to you, too. :slightly_smiling_face: